J is for Jack

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Designing a geometric bear themed party was my jam! Styled by the lovely Bough&Annex, with modern graphics from yours truly, this is one first birthday I was excited for. A fun experience all around, From stamped wooden forks to hand carved logos. A little bear indeed goes a long way. Props to Mathew Levi for shooting some amazing pics.
Check out the feature on the Style me Pretty blog.


Peter Delgado_Portfolio_Jack Bday3.jpg
Peter Delgado_Portfolio_Jack Bday6.jpg
Peter Delgado_Portfolio_Jack Bday5.jpg

K is for Kroc

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Last week I disconnected from the daily design and took my camera lens out to the place where I work. As an in-house designer, its far to easy to forget about the bustling community right outside of your office walls. Not only did I get some sunshine and photos, I also met some great people!  

M is for Molotov

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Rock n roll inspired piece for Molotov Gallery. White, Red, and Black stripes.8"x8" www.molotovgallery.com

A is for ape

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I'm so in love with my new Mondo screen printed " conquest of the planet of the apes" poster. Nerding out on all
the cool type!

B is for Brownie

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My aunt gave me her 1957 brownie holiday camera. The type work on the front of the camera is so classic. Cant wait to try it out

C is for Countdown to the End of the World

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Last year on a whim, my friend Stephen and I started drawing in a moleskine daily calendar. We decided to use a different color for each month and alternate drawing in it . Based on the premise the world was going to end, we decided to record each day with an illustration. I love this sketchbook.

Count Down to the End of the World from Peter Delgado on Vimeo.

Check out the flickr page for all the individual drawings.